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Made for the 2023 Games Transformed Game Jam

Raccoons With Jobs!

Raccoons with jobs is a card game where you hire raccoons with various skills and professions to overcome your opponent by having the most efficient and well balanced raccoon workforce.

All the most well known raccoon professions are featured. Including but not limited to:

  • Business Raccoon
  • HR Raccoon
  • Necromancer!


Left Stick / D-Pad: Navigation

A Button: Confirm Selection

X Button: Start Battle

LB / RB: Zoom in and out of the board

Collective Action!

Your raccoons bolster each other with their special effects! No raccoon stands alone in the raccoon workforce

Choose your raccoons carefully then deploy them strategically! Each raccoon’s effect triggers during combat to change the make up of the board by improving your side and obstructing the opponents. Your raccoons then face off one on one to establish business dominance.

Balance and Unbalance

Balance is key in Raccoons With Jobs. You and your opponent pick from the same pool of cards so you must balance your raccoon choices as well as how you place your little professionals. Some raccoons are better than others….but even a burnout raccoon can come in handy in CORPORATE WARFARE.


Made By HoloMoon Games: https://twitter.com/holomoongames

Robbie Coey: Programming, Design - https://rjcoey.itch.io/

Annie Kate Bradley: Programming, Design - https://altkreation.itch.io/

K Andrews: Card Art - https://snzzzero.itch.io/

Michael McArdle: Design, VFX - https://6stringsamurai.itch.io/

Music by: https://www.steven-obrien.net/ - Morning Stroll - Steven O'Brien

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