Made for the GMTK 2023 Game Jam Theme: Roles Reversed

You're not the hero, you're the Inventory! A card game where each card in your hand has weight and your hero doesn't care!


You play as Ran-Sack, the lovable loot caddy to some random hero.  The hero doesn't have much regard for Ran-Sack so will run on ahead leaving Ran-Sack to try and catch up on his tiny little legs. Ran-Sack don't get paid if the hero dies and the hero ain't gonna survive long if he isn't outfitted with his loot! But beware! the more loot Ran-Sack hoards the slower he's going to move and the longer he'll take to catch up to the hero.


When you're in range of the hero you can equip him with weapons so he deals more damage, and armor so he can survive longer. Each card has a weight and the more Ran-Sack carries the longer he'll take to catch up to the hero. 

You can discard cards to lower your weight but choose carefully as items equipped to the hero will degrade after use.


Mouse / LMB:  Click and drag cards into equipment slots to equip them to the hero or the discard slot to lose weight that slows you down


K Andrews : Art / Concept / Design

Robbie Coey: Programming / Concept / Design

Annie-Kate Bradley: Programming / Concept / Design

Michael McArdle: Assets / Concept / Design / Production

1-Bit tiles by  PiiiXL

Game Music Loop #4 by BloodPixelHero

Pixel Bug Font


Download 35 MB

Install instructions

Download, Extract and open the exe. 

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